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Abandoned Hospital

Software used - Maya, RizomUV, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Arnold, Nuke


After I created a morgue in another environment project, I found my love for creating creepy, horror environments. I decided to create a complex scene about an abandoned hospital. I modeled most of the assets in Maya. (Some of the medical instruments were online models.) Made the textures in Substance Painter and Photoshop. Rendered in Arnold and composited in Nuke.


To make these realistic glasses, I made the basecolor, roughness and height in Substance Painter, played around in Maya Hypershade to create these nodes for look development and rendered in Arnold.


For this project, I've tried to focus more on texture creation. One of my biggest takeaways was prepping the models to be painted. With appropriate topology of props and clean UV layouts, textures would be more visually coherent and there won't be long render times or other unwanted side effects.

Responsible for most of the modeling and all other aspects.

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