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Software used - Maya, Houdini, Substance Painter, Arnold, Nuke

There was a quote from Jo, one of the main characters from the movie Little Women, saying that "I Intend To Make My Own Way In This World". Jo makes her own path in life by writing a book and opening a school, not letting marriage limit her life.

I really admire that Jo not only thinks outside the box but live a life of her own. To put this idea in my work, I created several ladders that are all directing to the sky. Normally people are intent to find an actual destination, using the sky as the destination means that people should break out from the convention and live their way.

The terrain was made in Houdini. This is my first time using Heightfield to create terrain. The erosion makes the two combined terrain ended up quite natural. After I cached out the file, I put them all together in Maya, textured them in Substance Painter, added water and atmosphere, and rendered them in Arnold.

Responsible for all aspects.

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